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Be a Good Neighbor

Are you a good neighbor? Take note of your choices and click on the bottom link to see what kind of a neighbor you are!

1. I know ______ neighbors on my block or in my apartment complex.
a. all of them
b. 5-10
c. 1-4
d. Zero, who cares anyways?

2. When a new neighbor moves onto my block or into my apartment complex, I:
a. bring them some freshly baked cookies and brochures about being a renter/owner in Davis.
b. introduce myself and give them my phone number in case of an emergency.
c. request they cut down that tree that keeps dropping its leaves onto MY yard.
d. Wait! Someone new moved in?

3. If my neighbor is having a party, I:
a. ask them to kindly quiet down a little so I don’t have to call the police.
b. go over there and party with them. Woohooo!!!
c. just ignore it but stay really mad all night long.
d. call the police at the first sign of noise.

4. When I leave for break or go on a vacation, I:
a. arrange to have my lawn mowed, the plants watered, and the Davis Police Department to drive by occasionally. I also leave my travel plans and house keys with a neighbor.
b. give my number to a trustworthy neighbor in case of an emergency.
c. make sure the automatic sprinklers are on.
d. don’t tell anyone. They might break into my house!

5. When I hear of meetings or activities happening in my neighborhood, I:
a. actually run the meeting, host the event, and infect others with my contagious enthusiasm.
b. attend and help out as much as I can.
c. half-heartedly try to convince my room mates to attend so we don’t look bad.
d. crumple up the notice left on my door and throw it in my yard.

6. If I am having guests over to my house or apartment, I:
a. notify the neighbors in advance, identify a sober host at the party, control the number of people invited to the party, and monitor guests as they arrive and leave the house. I also check with the neighbors after the party to make sure there weren’t any problems.
b. call the police to come break up my party when it starts getting too reckless and crowded.
c. start regulating the noise and guest list around midnight.
d. just figure on getting a noise violation. It’s so worth it!

7. I would describe my neighborhood as a place where:
a. I feel connected to the community. This is my favorite place to spend time.
b. I can relax and get to know new people.
c. most people wave to each other when we drive by.
d. I sleep and party … and maybe study.

8.My yard would be described as:
a. palace grounds. I cut topiary and created a maze in the front.
b. pretty standard. It looks like every other yard on the street.
c. having knee-high grass and overgrown branches.
d. the best place to party – it has no grass, lots of empty beer cans and solo cups, plus some couches.

9. I park my car:
a. in my driveway, garage or under my carport.
b. in front of my neighbor’s house, but they have enough room to move around.
c. on the street. I wonder if my neighbors or the fire department have enough room to get by …
d. on my lawn, which looks more like a mud pit now. Good thing I have 4 wheel drive.

10. I think of Winston-Salem as:
a. the place where I want to stay and raise my kids. It’s a perfect city for families.
b. a great community with a lot of potential to be someplace totally awesome.
c. a fun place to spend my college days.
d. a run-down college town; it’s not worth much to me.