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Party Going

If you’ve been invited as a guest to an event, here are some general guidelines to keep in mind:

When You’re Guest at On Campus Events

  • Bring your own beverage so that the hosts are in compliance with party management policies. Do not bring glass bottles of liquor.
  • Bring your Wake Forest ID so that you can properly sign in to the event. If you are 21, wear your wristband at all times.
  • Be respectful of your host and the space they have reserved for the party.
  • Recognize that on campus events end at 11pm on weekends and 2am on weekends. Politely exit the party when it is time to do so.

When You’re a Guest at Off Campus Events

  • Prepare for your own travel arrangements to and from the party. Designate a driver or call a cab.
  • When exiting and entering the function, be quiet so that you do not disturb the neighbors.
  • Be respectful of your host and their neighborhood.
  • Pick up after yourself so that your hosts have less cleaning to do after the event.
  • Always bring your Wake Forest and state issued ID with you.